3 Elements of MS Windows –Good Bad & Ordinary

3 Elements of MS Windows –Good Bad & Ordinary

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With the launch of Windows more than 30 years before, Microsoft paved the way for graphic interfaces. At Microsoft Windows support, our technicians observe with amazement, how it then went on to leave Mac OS (which was launched a year back in 1984) behind. It became the topmost player in the world market, with more than 90% share in personal computers. The Android operating system is far ahead now, thanks to the huge popularity of Android phones. Windows, however, remains unbeaten when it comes to operating systems for PCs all over the globe. The Windows server still enjoys one third market share from all over the world.

Consistent effort at becoming better

As the years passed by, Windows consistently updated their features to improve the user experience. Like we see at Windows technical support team, those who used the older versions are often delighted at how much easier and simpler it has become with each version. Be it the standard look and feel of most programs written for Windows or the file presentation, right from the times of MS-DOS, It has always focussed highly ion user-friendliness. No wonder to guess why so many Windows users are never ready to switch their operating systems.

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Taxing on hardware space of your computer

This is not to say, that Windows comes without a single drawback. For starters, it requires really powerful computer hardware. If you compare with other operating systems, you will see that Windows requires a large hard disk, fast CPU and more internal memory. As a user, you know just like our technicians do at Windows helpline number department, that when you need to buy a new piece of hardware, chances are it will be compatible to the latest version of Windows.

Microsoft Windows Support

Then again, you have to careful of too much popularity. Why do you ask? Well, with users in multitude, of course, it becomes the favourite operating system to attack for malware developers and hackers. No wonder that Windows has always been in the news for such attacks and sometimes there have been massive losses. Take any other operating system, you will find them to be a lot safer. Just think, the multimillion-dollar worth antivirus industry would earn half as much as its present revenue, says our technicians at Microsoft Windows toll-free number if Windows were not this susceptible to cybercrimes.

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