4 Lesser Known Facts about MS Office 2016 for Mac

4 Lesser Known Facts about MS Office 2016 for Mac

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MS Office has been available in the market since mid 2015. Microsoft Office 2016 activation team has since worked on different technical resolutions that its users may need time to time. It was built with features to persuade Mac users to switch. We bring you here some lesser known facts about this productivity suite. Read on to find out.

You need a device with high memory and OS X 10.10

The Office 2016 for Mac needs the device to have Mac OC X 10.10 or a more updated version. The Mac OS Extended Format (HFS+) also needs 6 gigabytes of hard disk space. If you want to operate Office 2016 from Mac, your device must have 4 gigabytes memory which is 4 times more than what Office 2011 required.

MS Office 2016 support number team is delighted to find how many OS X technologies it supports

The Office 2016 for Mac supports many more OS X technologies than the 2011 version. A wonderful improvement that is worth mentioning here is the OS X Multi-Touch gestures present in all the different programs. If you want to zoom in on a specific part of MS Word or Excel, you can pinch and do so.

It completely supports the Retina display screens that are found in different Apple products. The Retina-optimized graphics bring you high definition images and text if you happen to run the suite on a Mac device that has Retina display.

MS Office 2016 helpline number finds it similar to Office for Windows

The redesigned ribbons at the top of every program gives Office 2016 for Mac a look & feels much similar to Office for Windows. The hybrid gray ribbons that would integrate some elements from Mac and some from Windows are no more used. These redesigned ribbons give a streamlined look. This feature, for one thing, will help people who work on Office in both Windows and Mac.

Office 2016 makes collaboration easier than before

There are new features that make collaborating with friends or people at work really easy! Take the co authoring feature for example. Several colleagues can use it to write on a Word document or work on a presentation together. There are threaded comments that help you keep track of different feedbacks in a presentation or document.

The technicians at MS Office 2016 support number think it is a great feature that comes in handy when you need to fix on a meeting date with colleagues as the Outlook for Macs lets both you and your colleagues see your calendars side by side.


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