Call ☏0800 368 9219 How to Fix Blue Screen of Death in Windows 7

Call ☏0800 368 9219 How to Fix Blue Screen of Death in Windows 7

Blue screen of Death in Windows 7

Blue screen of death in Windows 7 is a common error. If you are working on the Windows 7 operating system, suddenly a blue screen with a bunch of text appears in front of you.

There are different methods to solve this issue; if you are able to enter into an existing system then you need to follow a few steps. However, if you are totally unable to operate your system then you need to follow steps along with your Windows 7 installation DVD or USB.

How to Fix Blue Screen of Death [BSoD] in Windows 7


Check if you are not able to boot into Windows, then follow these steps :

  1. First Restart your computer
  2. Press Function key F8 immediately
  3. You will get an option for running your computer in safe mode
  4. Hit the Enter button to run your system in safe mode

Run Startup Repair

If you are unable to operate on windows, Blue screen of death issue can be solved using the Startup repair option. For this solution, you should have a Windows installation CD or DVD or USB with you.

  1. Insert Windows media DVD into the drive and restart your computer
  2. Boot your computer using this installation disc
  3. You will get a screen with 2 options


  • Repair your computer
  • Select option b – Repair your computer

BSoD- Repair Your Computer

  • Next, you will get a Screen with below options
  • Startup Repair

BSoD- System Repair

  • System restores
  • System Image Recovery
  • Windows Memory Diagnostic
  • Command Prompt
  • The system will scan your computer and try fixing the problem
  • Restore your system by using the system restore option

  • Run the system diagnostic tool for memory scanning
  • Restart now for checking problems
  • Type Command Prompt, type the following command lines and hit Enter after each.
  • bootrec /fixmbr
  • bootrec /fixboot
  • bootrec /scanos
  • bootrec /rebuildbcd

Reinstall your system

If you are still unsuccessful to solve this blue screen of death in Windows 7 then reinstall the Windows 7 on your system by using instructions provided by the installer.

If you are able to enter  your windows system with the same blue screen error then follow the below steps:

Run Check Disk

You can run Windows 7 utility tool to identify and fix certain errors. You can use these utility tools to check for hard disk or memory issues.

Check for hard disk issues:

  1. Go to the Computer section
  2. Right-click on the system drive, where Windows 7 is installed done, and select Properties
  3. Go to the Tools tab and at the Error-checking section hit Check now
  4. Select the option for Automatically fix file system errors
  5. Also, select the option to Scan and attempt recovery of bad sectors

Check for memory issues:

  1. Go to the Control Panel
  2. Search “Memory”
  3. Select Diagnose your computer’s memory problems from the list of results
  4. Follow the instructions for memory check and scan

Windows update installation

There may be a possibility that this blue screen [BSoD] error occurred due to missing files from updates or updates are not properly executed

  1. Go to control panel and select the Windows Update section
  2. Select the option for “ Check for the Updates”
  3. Under this section, you may find the alerts or warning for Windows update
  4. Click on the Install update, updates will start downloading on the system

Drivers update

An unsuccessful driver update could also lead to various errors. Device drivers are essential and mandatory for the functioning of your system. You can use any professional tool like Driver Easy for checking the drivers. This kind of tool can help you to scan and then update the drivers as per system requirements.

So don’t get panic if you get a blue screen of death on your machine. There are various ways to solve this issue. If still, you won’t be able to solve this issue you can take expert guidelines for the same.

Windows 7 Blue Screen Technical Support @ +44 800 368 9219

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