How to Activate Microsoft Office 2007?

How to Activate Microsoft Office 2007?

How to activate Windows 7

If you are looking for a multi-purpose that can help you in writing well-versed document files, creating spreadsheets and creating eye-catchy presentations, then, Microsoft Office 2007 is the best software that serves these purposes. Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel are the three most important components of MS Office. Therefore, it is widely in demand all over the World.

Microsoft Office 2007 installation is very easy for you. When you will download MS office 2007 and activate it on your computer, you will find “Help Tab” where you will get related articles and links regarding how to use MS Office 2007. You can take help related to minor issues.

Installation of MS Office 2007

You must be wondering “How to install MS Office 2007”? In this article we will share four easy steps through which you can install Microsoft Office 2007 on your Computer.

• Close all the applications of MS Office 2007.
• Visit the authorised page and download MS Office 2007.
• After downloading the file, double-click the file or click run. Follow the instructions given on the screen.
• After completing the installation, either open MS Excel, Office or PowerPoint.

Configuration of MS Office 2007

• In your Control Panel, click on “Mail”. After that, click on “Show Profiles”. You will see a new window.
• Now, type new name on your profile and click OK.
• Click on “Microsoft Exchange or Compatible Service” and click on Next.
• Type the server name and user name. Click on “More Settings” for further steps.

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Activation of MS Office 2007

When you enter the product, you will find Activation Wizard. Now, you will get two options. Either you update it on the internet or telephone.

• Activation through the internet

If you are connected with internet, then, Microsoft Licensing Server will connect with you. After feeding the valid activation key, your MS Office 2007 will be activated on your computer.
After getting activated, your product ID is sent to the Microsoft. If you are connected with the internet, you will immediately get a confirmation mail.

• Activation using telephone

You can also activate MS Office 2007 by contacting Customer Care using the number for the specific country. This process takes a little longer time than activation through the internet.

Microsoft Office 2007 Support

Microsoft Office is one of the widely used software in the World. Although the services offered by MS Office 2007 is excellent but you may face certain technical issues like your software is not responding to your commands, you are unable to renew your software or register your software etc. You can contact MS Office 2007 support to resolve such issues. MS Office 2007 support provides you customer service which works 24×7 to assist you. You can reach to MS Office 2007 customer support either by contacting on their number or through emails. If you are still unable to reach them or getting little slow response then contact them on chat.

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