Why Windows 10 is better For You?

Why Windows 10 is better For You?

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Windows 10 of Microsoft is a wonderful combination of all the essential aspects of Microsoft 7 and 8. As you get ready to unravel and experience the unique benefits of Windows 10, the Windows 10 support UK team would be there to help you with any queries that might crop up in your mind. Windows 10 undoubtedly is a far better version of its predecessors. Let us look at some of the reasons that would inspire you to start using Windows 10 without much hesitation.

Smooth metro integration

In Windows 8, Metro and the desktop was rather like duelling interfaces, and as a result of this opening a file seemed to be rather frustrating. However, the desktop and the Metro are rather complementary in Windows 10, mainly because of the improvements in the Start Menu and Windows store app. The Charms bars also have been removed which is again a smart step towards a very good direction. The new features are great and Microsoft Windows 10 support number is there to help you with any confusion. Call us for guidance for the new features.

Better gaming technology

DirectX 12 allows much better CPU utilization in gaming scenarios, thus attracting gamers to greater frame rates. The frame rates are likely to increase more than 50%, when the same application is run in DX 12 rather than DX 11. This gaming technology does not just show drastically higher frame rates, it also would result in surprisingly lower power consumption. It is like a complete new era in the world of PC gaming. Our technicians are going to help you with apt answers if you ever face a challenge while using the new technology.

Microsoft Windows 10 support UK admires the virtual desktops

For Windows 8, the Windows desktop was just another app.

There are many other unique features of Microsoft Windows 10. You would be surprised several times to explore each of the wonderful aspects of this version of Windows. Professional technicians at Windows 10 support number UK are just a phone call away. Call us for any help or advice you might need.

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