Why Windows 7 Gained Instant Popularity Globally?

Why Windows 7 Gained Instant Popularity Globally?

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People migrated inevitably from Windows XP to Windows 7. Microsoft Windows 7 support UK is readily available to help XP users to upgrade to newer applications.Be it Microsoft or any other software company, it will stop supporting even its own software after a certain period of time. That is what happened with Windows XP.

What are the advantages of Windows 7?

Windows 7 is compatible to the hardware packages of its time. In Windows 7 support number UK, we found it a great advancement that it supported 64-bit processors. As you might well know, a 64-bit computer can efficiently handle a much larger quantity of information than the 32-bit systems. Since these devices can use 4 GB or more RAM, the 64-bit computers are fast and responsive at times you need to run many programs at once. It increases your device productivity and decreases incidents like sudden crashes.

Windows XP has handled for years, programs that are more CPU-draining and are meant for much advanced systems. As a result, Windows XP kept getting slower and slower. People had no option but to switch.

Microsoft Windows 7 customer support recommends Windows 7 for businesses

Windows 7 curved a name for itself worldwide, for being a highly secure and stable operating system than its older counterparts.  As businesses upgraded to Windows 7, their downtime rapidly decreased and there was a marked improvement in overall productivity.

The operating system came with several highly practical and user friendly features. It has inbuilt tune-ups that enhances a computer’s performance as well as speed. It uses less memory when the device is left idle.

Windows 7 includes features aimed at increasing productivity

As our technicians at Microsoft Windows 7 support number tells the clients, it is a smart and energy saving operating system. Your IT personnel can monitor its energy consumption, adjusting power settings for all devices across the organization. This reduces the total amount of wasted energy.

There are other cool features like the highly responsive search box – where you can find something super fast from anywhere in your computer by just typing in one word – also adds to its popularity. This can help you save a lot of time. At Microsoft Windows support, we know how these little features can overall increase ease at work manifold. Our team is always there to help you with technical errors.

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