Why Windows Technical Support Recommends Windows 8.1?

Why Windows Technical Support Recommends Windows 8.1?

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Windows 8.1 did not gain much popularity as an operating system for mobile devices. Though our Microsoft Windows Support technicians feel there are some advantages to it that leaves Android behind. Here we bring you a brief overview of some such conveniences.

Multiple app display

There has been other operating systems before Microsoft that allowed multiple apps to run and display together. But it has done it considerably better. The snap view lets users put several apps onscreen and adjust the panes to the size that is best. It is ingrained in the OS and while it does not allow to rotate the screen in portrait and still use it like Samsung lets you do, we still believe at Windows support number team that the feature is quite well executed.

New updates available

Android has always been known for its lack of updates – highly irregular and at the mercy of the makers. When a device gets a new version of Android, it is most probably after a long time since Google makes it available. For Windows, the updates are pushed to the devices. Yes, for some the update experience could be better. But at least the new updates are still available for them.

We won’t say that the Android devices don’t work fine without the new operating system updates. But of course, they miss some security updates that come with these security renewals, say our technicians at Microsoft Windows toll-free number.

Better mobile experience

Android is a lot older than Windows 8 and yet its user experience has not improved much since inception. The new versions come with some improvements, but none that remarkable. Windows 8 is different in this regard. Yes, it had its major shortcomings. But Microsoft has done away with such shortcomings with Windows 8.1.

Take for example, the snap view feature we mentioned in the beginning. It is one of the improvements that came with Windows 8.1. So yes, we are talking about remarkable developments in case of Windows. We are definitely excited to find out at Windows help number, what new developments the Windows 9 will come up with in the future!

Sharing information over the app

Mobile devices need to send information from one app to another. While Android and Windows 8.1 both offers this feature, we applaud the latter for its consistency. You get the Share feature on the menu at all times and it is integrated in many apps too. Think for example, how you can share web pages to the Reading List app for reading in free time.

Yes, Windows 8.1 is not dedicated to mobile devices alone, but it nonetheless has some decent features. At Microsoft Office support, we believe that people should know more of its diverse advantages!

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