Blue Screen of Death Error in Windows 10

Blue Screen of Death Error in Windows 10

Windows 10 Blue Screen Error

Got a blue screen of death in Windows 10 also has a blue screen death issue. This error may occur suddenly when you are working on something, or while starting the Windows or during shut down. There are different scenarios when you face this issue.

Causes of Windows 10 Blue Screen Error

  • There are conflicting windows drivers
  • Windows update files are missing, corrupted
  • You have installed some non-compatible software
  • You are trying to connect some non-compatible hardware

There are different scenarios for this blue screen error and we need to follow different steps to solve this issue.

How to solve blue screen issue during Windows upgrade

While upgrading your system to Windows 10 new version, you could face this blue screen error. The typical reasons for the same could be:

  • Third party application
  • Incompatible hardware
  • Security software

You could solve this by following below steps:

By uninstalling the application or software

If you are trying to install incompatible software, you will get windows 10 blue screen error. The best solution to solve this problem is to uninstall the software causing the error.

  1. Go to settings and open the system
  2. Check on apps and features
  3. Select that particular app and press Uninstall button
  4. Follow the instructions to complete the uninstall process.

Try to remove each and every piece of software that causes a problem. You can reinstall the app again.

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Disconnect the Drivers

The blue screen error in Windows 10 can occur due to incompatible hardware connected to the system. During the installation process, always remove the non-essential hardwires connected to the system like USB, secondary monitor, phones, printers, etc.

Download the upgrade files again

Damaged or corrupted files sometimes can be a cause of blue screen error. You can use a disk cleanup tool to clean the system files. This tool can help you to clean the temporary windows installation files.

Fresh installation

If you still face the same issue with blue screen error, better to have a clean installation of new windows. But make sure that this requires a full backup of your system.

Windows 10 Install

As the new Windows10 installation will delete everything from your system. You can perform a clean installation by following the steps for Windows 10 installation process.

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How to solve Blue screen during boot with desktop access

When you get blue screen error but if you can access the desktop, you can follow the below steps:

This error could be due to outdated drivers, damaged files or any third party application.

  • You can install Windows 10 latest updates by clicking on the update and security option under the windows update section.
  • If you are able to see some updates available but not getting automatically updated, then the manual update is necessary.
  • In case if you are facing this problem due to outdated drivers, Click on device manager. Expand this tab and select the option for driver updates.
  • Select the option for search automatically for an updated driver, it may take some time to scan and then download the updated drivers.

How to solve blue screen during boot without desktop access

If you are not able to access your desktop during the Windows 10 blue screen error of death, then follow the steps:

  • Sometimes you may not be able to access your desktop, and then first try to disconnect the connected external drivers and unnecessary hardware. This may solve your first level issue.
  • You can also select a system restore or safe mode options to resolve this issue. Follow the instructions given and complete the restore or safe mode operations.

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