How to Avoid Windows Live Mail Server Error?

How to Avoid Windows Live Mail Server Error?

Windows Live Mail Errors (1)

Windows live mail error is a standout among the most basic and old issue that has been alarming the client yet. When windows live mail can’t connect to hot mail or outlook or MSN servers; the user will not able to send emails and gets this error code. Mail server error 3219 could be generating because of various causes, but it is still difficult to capture all the root causes of this error code.

Below are few causes for Mail server error:

Configuration Error:

This is one of the most common but critical cause for mail server error 3219. If POP or IMAP protocols are not set then the user will face overloading or updating issue in windows mail. The user will be able to receive mail only after proper POP and IMAP protocols set up.

Authentication Issue:

Another very popular issue with Windows mail is an authentication issue because of a certification error. Windows live mail uses a two-step verification process; the first user need to log in with credentials and then need to give mail server authentication.

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The issue with Delta Sync:

Delta synchronization process failure also causes windows mail server error. In this issue; the user will not be able to get essential part of data due to synchronization failure. User struggles to download or access the content.

How to avoid Windows Live Mail Server Error

Steps to deactivate old account –

  1. When the user account is not working user emails and data will not be loaded. So, the user won’t be able to access emails. It is better to deactivate the old account
  2. For deactivating the account, right click on the account name and select the properties option.
  3. Select the general tab and unchecked the option
  4. Click on apply to save the changes

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Adding up a new IMAP account –

After deactivating an old account, you can start your new account.

  • Go to Account tab which will add the button “+” and “@” to open the configuration page.
  • Select “Manually configure server setting “and enter the email address and password
  • Choose ” IMAP” as a server type and set port type “993” in the Incoming Server Info and in the address field type “ “”
  • For outgoing server section, type the mail server as “” and port address 587 with active SSL connection
  • Finally set “Requires authentication and click on next for new Windows live mail.
  • New mail will appear at the left pane of the window and all incoming emails will get loaded here.
  • With the help of Folder option, the user can drag and drop the emails to respective folders.

In spite of all these above steps; if the user still faces any issue with Windows live mail; please contact our customer support helpline for instant troubleshooting. Our technical support team will assist you to resolve your query.

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