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A personal computer operating system from Microsoft, Windows 8.1 was released as a part of Windows NT series of operating systems. It was also available as a free update for Windows RT and Windows 8 users from the Windows Store, Microsoft’s digital distribution platform. It was built to do away with the drawbacks of Windows 8.

Windows 8.1 had an improved Start Screen, more bundled apps, added snap views, stronger OneDrive (file hosting) integration and many other specific advantages. It supported all emerging technologies like Wi-Fi Direct, 3D printing, Miracast streaming, high resolution displays and ReFS file system. No wonder, it received a lot more positive critical reviews than its predecessor.

A year later, Microsoft released an updated version Windows 8.1 Update that came with further advancements. This updated version can be installed in devices that have even a minimum of 16 GB storage or 1 GB RAM. This update is available via Windows Update, a Microsoft service for download and update of software updates on the internet.

However it was made compulsory for users to download and install, in order to receive further updates for Windows 8.1. Our technical team offers complete assistance when you need help with such updates, upgrades, driver installations and other relevant problems.

Microsoft Windows 8.1 Support

The Start screen on Windows 8.1 went through several modifications. The tiles come in small and extra large sizes. The Start Screen can use the desktop background. There are additional options to further customize the OS. This includes new backgrounds with animated elements, expanded color options as well as app snapping.

Now you can snap four apps onto one display based on the screen size, snapping them to fill half the screen and use it on any display in a multi-colour configuration. What more, the apps can launch some more apps in this snapped view for displaying the content.

The desktop interface has been rendered more usable with the Start button restored to the taskbar (required to open the Start screen). The Quick Links menu now has sign out and shut down options. The lock screen lets you use a photo slideshow as the backdrop and has a shortcut to the camera app by simply swiping up.

The new autocomplete mechanism in the onscreen keyboard gives multiple word suggestions, letting users choose from the spacebar. Our technical team is full of seasoned experts who can help you resolve any common queries related to activation, product key error, license key and other related issues.

Microsoft Windows 8.1 Customer Support

Windows 8.1 received a lot more positive feedbacks than Windows 8. Its improved touch interface, better tutorial content autocomplete tools and strong SkyDrive Integration was all duly admired, contributing to its popularity. In an attempt to offer consistent support to its millions of users, we have come up with a technical team, where our expert technicians detect your problem and help you resolve the issue in easy step by step instructions over the phone.

if the issues persist, you can further allow us to take remote access of your PC and resolve the problem on your behalf. This way, you can ensure that there is a standby technical team always ready to troubleshoot. When an issue suddenly crops up on a busy Monday morning, you are just a call away from getting it resolved.

Call our toll free number and get instant technical support in moments of crisis. Windows 8.1 is an improved OS with improved hardware functionality, stronger security, better hardware compatibility as well as more online services. Make the best of it. When you need help at any point, we have got you covered!


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