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Microsoft Windows 8 Support Number

Windows 8 was designed with the objective of integrating it within an ecosystem, right with the Windows phones and Windows RT. It brought significant changes to the OS platform as well as the user interface to create a better experience for the users. This marked Microsoft’s advent in the arena of mobile operating systems like iOS and Android. It received great reviews as far as its better performance, stronger security measures and better support for touchscreen devices.

It introduced the touch-optimized Windows shell (graphical user interface), dynamic Start screen, new platform for building apps (more emphasis on those with touchscreen inputs), integrating it with online services and the online Windows Store, for purchasing and downloading new software.

Definitely worth a mention here is the Windows 8 added support for cloud computing, near field communication, Advanced format hard disk drives and USB 3.0. Our toll free Windows 8 support number helps its users troubleshoot any error related to product key error, license key reactivation, driver installation or related issues.

The technicians are highly proficient in resolving all errors related to Windows 8 and can offer instant solution, helping you to wrap up a technical error quickly and resume with regular work, during busy working hours.

Windows 8 Support Phone Number

Windows 8 comes in four different editions. The Windows 8 (Core) is the most basic edition, targeted at the home users. It includes all basic windows 8 features and fulfils requirements relevant to home users. The Windows 8 Pro is kind of similar to the Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate. It comes with additional features like Remote Desktop connections, ability to participate in a Windows Server domain, Hyper-V, Encrypting File System, Group Policy, BitLocker and Hard Disk Booting. It is built to serve the business sector.

Next is the Windows 8 Enterprise that has all the features of the Pro except just one – the ability to install the Windows Media Center add-on. It includes additional features to help IT organizations. This version is for Microsoft Software Assurance customers, the Microsoft Developer Network and subscribers to the Microsoft Technet. The last one is Windows RT and is available pre installed on devices that have a reduced instruction set computing, like a tablet PC.

Windows 8 offers stronger integration with online services, both from Microsoft and other service providers. There are bundled multimedia apps offered in the Xbox brand. This includes Xbox Music, Xbox Video and the Xbox SmartGlass as companion to use with your Xbox 360 console.

Our technical team can help you with the errors that may crop up time to time in one of these versions. With zero waiting time on our toll free number, you can make sure that your issue gets resolved fast and smooth.

Windows 8 Customer Support Phone Number

Our technical team is full of expert communicators who understand your problem and help you resolve it step by step, giving you easy to follow instructions over the phone. If even that gets difficult to follow (as it happens sometimes with all of us), our on call technician can, with your consent, take remote access of your computer and resolve the error for you.

It does not matter how far you are physically from our technical team. It is like having your own technical team on standby, who can quickly fix most errors that crop up in day to day work. When you need help to activate, update or upgrade Windows 8, call us if you have trouble doing it on your own. Our technical team is the most supportive third party support that you will find!


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