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Microsoft launched Windows more than 3 decades ago, paving the way for graphic interfaces. It went on to overtake Mac OS, which was launched a year ago in 1984. It went to dominate the world market for personal computers, enjoying more than 90% share. Now that Android operating system is way ahead, reason being the soaring popularity of Android based smartphones, Windows still is the most applied operating system for PCs across the world. Windows server still has one third of the market share worldwide.

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Over the years, Windows has continued updating its features for even better user experience. As anyone who has used both old and latest versions will be able to tell too well, the modern ones are even easier to work on. All features, starting from the uniform look and feel of most of the programs that are written for Windows to the file presentation from the times of MS-DOS, i.e., disk A:\, disk C:\, etc, go on to add to the user friendliness. No wonder then, many Windows users do not want to switch to other operating systems.

However, it comes with certain drawbacks. Take for example, the powerful computer hardware it requires. When you compare to other operating systems, Windows can be installed in a computer with a fast CPU, large hard disk and more internal memory. All Microsoft says in regards to this matter is that, it has introduced features only as per user demands. Though users like you and me, who do not need those extra features, still have to bear the extra overhead.

Our technical team consists of Windows experts, who can guide you on what to do, alter or upgrade when you encounter any Windows errors.

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Such is the market demand of MS Windows across the world that any hardware manufacturing brand will support the recent versions of Windows, as and when Microsoft updates its product. This popularity in the software market makes it easy for the users. When it is time to buy any new part of your computer hardware, you know more often than not, it will work for the latest version of Windows. This goes on to increase the ease and convenience of working on Windows.

What can be the con of such worldwide popularity? With users that can be measured in millions, of course it becomes one of the highest point of interest for malware infection and hacker attacks worldwide. Windows has always been in the news for constant virus attacks, sometimes causing major losses. All the other operating systems (except for the Old Mac) are far more secure from such attacks. The multimillion industry for antivirus would not thrive half as much, if not for the relation of viruses and Windows.

Contact our technical team for any assistance you need to safeguard your device against hacking/malware attacks. We help you with antivirus download, Windows update or any issue that you cannot resolve!

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Like hardware, multitudes of software are written to maintain Windows compatibility. Once again, this can be said in honour of the dominance Windows enjoys over both PC operating systems and office software. When you are looking for an application for some business requirements, there is maximum chance that it will come with a Windows version. That makes work easy for everyone.

However, the little unease begins when you find out, Microsoft keeps complete access of all its software source codes to itself. With no log files generated, users have no option left, but to guess the probable cause of error. This takes up a lot of time and in some cases, make some programs impossible to work with.

You can try following the Windows guidelines to resolve such errors. If it gets too difficult or complex after a while, feel free to call or chat with our technicians. With years of experience, they might be able to resolve the problem better and faster.

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A significant advantage that Windows offers, is its compatibility with different other versions of Windows. Say for example, you feel it is time you upgraded to the latest version of Windows and yet, there are certain old programs that you still want to use. There are chances that those old programs, probably vital for your work requirement, will also work with your new version of Windows.

Windows technical assistance is far from commendable. Some very high volume accounts may get decent technical assistance, but for most others, cases of instant and effective support is very rare. This becomes a reason to worry, when your business is largely dependent on Microsoft products.

Our technical team was built to cover this deficiency. Our technicians are instantly reachable and they help you with any install, setup, activate, uninstall or troubleshoot requirements. In other words, we are like your own technical team, ready to step up at any moment and resolve an error that can eat away time or performance potential. When you can see a technical error on the horizon, you know whom to call!


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